Download and try HostDeny for free. If you decide to upgrade to include HostDeny support.  We have two available pricing plans for both the small and large scale clients. Begin using HostDeny today on any budget!


HostDeny Free Version
– Protects One Host
– Continuous non-stop server protection
– Automatic Upgrades
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Host Deny $9.95 Yearly Plan                                         HostDeny $3,495 Enterprise Plan 
– Protects One Host – License Transferable              – Protects Unlimited Hosts
– Access to email and ticketing support                     – Protects Servers with No Internet Access
– Continuous non-stop server protection                 – Custom Configuration by Our Team
– Automatic Upgrades                                                   – Access to phone, email and ticketing support
Purchase                                                                          – Continuous non-stop protection
– Automatic Upgrades


No matter which plan you choose. We are here to support you at anytime with your server protection needs.  Feel a peace of mind that security experts are protecting your servers around the clock.