How does HostDeny get most of it’s malicious IPs to deny from my server?
HostDeny has over 2000 servers world wide that we call Honey Pot servers. We allow hackers, scrapers, bots etc.. to attack these servers to learn IP’s and also learn the new ways of how hackers attempt to break into servers. This data is collected and stored within our centralized database. Each time your HostDeny client runs, it will download these new definitions.

Why is HostDeny an encrypted binary?
HostDeny is not an open source project. Our binaries are encrypted to ensure that our code remains in a state to which it can be sold to larger customers needing support with our product. Our code simply reads information from our database (another reason for encryption) and imports our data within routing tables. Our code does monitor for system brute force attempts. If we detect that a brute force is happening. HostDeny will immadietly stop the threat, though we do collect the IP information of the attacker within our database. We use only this information so that we can distribute this threat to our clients using HostDeny via our database.

A host is trying to brute force into my server that HostDeny does not have in it’s database. Will it block these types of hosts?
Yes, HostDeny will determine if a host is trying to brute force its way into your host and will block or deny the host from your server on its own.

What does HostDeny block?
HostDeny is an all in one solution. All applications on a server are protected. From SSH, Website down to email servers. If you run any application on a server that is vulnerable to a hack. HostDeny protects it.

Is the raw data available for purchase without using the HostDeny client?
Yes, raw data is available to be purchased by emailing us. The raw data is priced at $99.00 monthly.

What is the difference between the free license and paid license?
The free version comes has the same functions as the paid version minus support. You are able to upgrade at anytime to the paid version to continue HostDeny protection.

How does paid licensing work?
Licensing is on a per host basis. Each host is $9.95 yearly. We do offer an enterprise license that never expires and protects unlimited hosts. The enterprise license is also good for those that have servers in a DMZ that are unable to connect to our licensing server. Both paid and enterprise licenses can be purchased from our site

How easy is HostDeny to install
Very easy, download our install file from our site. Run ./HDSetup and it does the rest on any Linux distribution.

My IP is listed within your database. I now own the IP. Can I get it removed from your database?
Yes, we do remove IPs from our database. Only if the IP is over 90 days old from the last malicious for proxies, VPN and Tor.  Six months old from the last malicious from all others will the IP be considered for removal. Visit our IP removal page for more information.

Can I buy the source code for HostDeny?
Yes, though a series of legal binding paperwork will be needed including signing a non-compete. The cost of our source code to date is $22,090.