Free Linux Security – Deny Proxies, Bad Bots, Hack Attempts and More!


What is HostDeny

HostDeny is free all in one enterprise filter of denying unwanted traffic to your server.  HostDeny protects all aspects of a server, not just individual aspects of a server.  Most deny or block solutions only deny or block access to one specific application on a server.  Serving a limited purpose of OS hardening.  HostDeny prevents unwanted access to all functions on a server with no firewall needed.  We also do this by not collecting millions of IP’s or slowing down server or application response times with added PHP scripts or /etc/hosts.deny entries.  All functions within HostDeny are written within “bash”, a native Linux language and uses functions already installed during OS install within a Linux Host to protect servers from malicious activities.


What will HostDeny Deny – Mainly Hackers but also:

– Denies Tor Exit Nodes from Servers                                    – Denies SSH Brute Force Attacks
– Denies Proxies to Servers                                                      – Denies FTP Brute Force Attacks
– Denies Scraping of your website                                          – Denies Brute Force Against Email Ports
– Denies Database Injections or Hacks                                   – Denies Unwanted Bots
– Denies SIP or all VOIP Ports                                                  – Denies All Web Port Malicious Attempts

The List Goes On with HostDeny…


Server Hardening with HostDeny

HostDeny was written and is maintained by enterprise security experts. HostDeny should be part of every server hardening action taken to prevent unwanted threats attacking your host. HostDeny work along side with any or no firewall and has a very lightweight client.